Having a Wedding Shower? The Check List You Can't Do Without

21st Feb 2020

3+ Months Before

1. Create a shower guest list. Get details like phone number, email addresses, and mailing addresses.

2. Set a date and time with bride-to-be

3. Set a budget for the shower

4. Decide the theme, what to do on the shower/party and where it will be held, how to get there, etc. Make reservations.

2 Months Before

1. Send a casual “Save The Date” email to guests.

2. Make or purchase invitations

3. Plan the details of the party, from decorations,  bomboniere, menu, activities, suppliers, cake, etc. Reserve suppliers.

4. Buy gift for bride-to-be or mother to be.

1 Month Before

1. Mail invitations.

2. Order tables and chairs, if needed.

3. Work on decorations, either by buying or creating them.

4. Start shopping for paper plates, cups, and other eating utensils.

5. Start shopping for game materials and prizes.

6. Purchase and wrap bridal shower bomboniere.

7. Create the party timeline of activities, which should include all tasks

8. before the shower (eg. Pick up balloons) and the actual program activities. Bridal showers usually take two hours, through to 9. Bachelorette parties can last way longer than that.

10. Ask somebody (one of the guests, maybe?) to help you out with some of the tasks (eg. Taking pictures, pickup bride-to-be, etc) during the day of the shower

1-2 Weeks Before

1. Confirm reservations.

2. Confirm with suppliers regarding ordered items (balloons, cake)

3. Shop for food ingredients and drinks.

4. Start cleaning the house, if shower will be held there.

5. Call guests that haven’t RSVP’d. Finalise guest list.

6. If you delegated some tasks to other people, now’s the time to confirm that they’re still up to it.

7. Buy a guest book.

8. Make sure that cameras are working properly.

9. Prepare all printables needed for the shower program (name tag, papers for games/activities, etc)

1 Day Before

1. Decorate the place where the shower will be held.

2. Setup tables and chairs for the party.

3. Prepare all food and drinks, if you’re doing it yourself.

4. Double-check your shower timeline and update it if needed.

5. Make sure that you have all the materials for the party.

6. Confirm that all tasks to be done before the day of the shower are all done.

7. Give bride-to-be or mother-to-be an idea on what will happen the next day.

8. Rest. You have a busy day tomorrow.

The Big Day

1. Do all the things you need to before the party begins, as is stated it your shower day timeline.

2. Pickup all the items you ordered and set them up.

3. Finish all last minute decorations.

4. Setup game prizes and shower favors in a table.

5. Setup food and drinks in the table. Make sure you have a lot of ice!

6. When bride-to-be or mother-to-be arrives, make sure she’s on her seat of honor.

7. Bring out the guest book, and place it near the entrance.

8. As each guest arrives, make sure that she knows somebody, or introduce her to others. Make sure she signs the guest book!

9. Don’t forget about taking pictures!

10. Make sure that there’s a trash bag nearby when bride-to-be opens the gifts. Take note of which gift came from which guest, so your friend could easily track for her Thank You cards.

12. Go get some of those drinks, talk to the guests and bride-to-be, and enjoy yourself!