A Modern Twist Cheese Tower

15th Feb 2021

Including a tempting tower of cheese at your next celebration, be it a wedding, birthday, engagement or even at your next Christmas party can leave your guests asking for more.

A selection of room temperature cheeses will do the trick. We found some ideas which I'm sure you will love . A tower of cheese drapped with fruit and herbs, how delicious.

Starting with a hard vintage cheese for your base with sharp textures either a Pecorino Romano or Parmesan cheese. Then a semi soft smooth blue cheese. 

This will really gets your taste buds going..

Cheddar cheese maybe for your third layer and finally ending with a Camembert or Brie.

Decorate with lots of flowers, fruit and herbs as this will display a stunning show. Accompanying fruit and herbs with your cheeses will always bring out the flavours of the cheese slightly more. 

Your cheese tower will need to surround itself with lots of different tasty bread, water crackers, rice crackers and nuts.

We hope you like this idea... Happy Wedding day.. Enjoy!