Wedding Trends For The Groom

21st Feb 2020

Among the list of important things to organise on your wedding day are the flower arrangements of the groom and groomsmen. Buttonholes or boutonnie'res are flowers worn on the left side of his lape … read more

How To Host The Perfect High Tea Party

21st Feb 2020

Below is my step by step guide to organising an elegant and memorable high tea that your girlfriends will love.Step 1: Collecting all your favourite tea sets and accessories you would like to have on … read more

Tips For Choosing Your Bridal Party

20th Feb 2020

Choosing your bridal party can be a very hard decision to make. So we have included a couple of tips that will help to make your decision a little easier. Firstly, your bridal party is the bigges … read more

Top 10 Wedding Honeymoon Destinations

18th Feb 2020

1.The Amalfi Coast Italy has the most breathtaking coastal resorts in the Mediterranean. A scenic coastline of sheer cliffs and layered with colourful villages, vineyards and olive and lemon groves.2. … read more