How do I place an order online?

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 Browse our shop to choose the products you want to purchase.  

STEP 2 - Fill up your cart - To begin browsing for something specific, use the PRODUCT SEARCH found on the top right hand screen or select from the categories found on the left hand side navigation bar on your screen.  

The navigation bar is found on all pages to make it easier for you to find your products.  This page allows you to browse by category by clicking on one of the category names listed. 

In each category you will have the opportunity to view our products and add them to your shopping cart. Elegant Bomboniere Online Ordering system revolves around a shopping cart system which works in much the same way as it would in your local supermarket. 

As you are browsing through various product listings, you need simply click on the 'add to cart' button to add it to your electronic shopping cart. Feel free to add as many items to your shopping cart as you like as it puts you under no obligation to purchase anything and you can remove items later on.  

FOR PERSONALISED PRODUCT  please add your personalisation wording in the SPECIAL INSTRUCTION BOX found at the top of each page for each product.  Once this is entered you can ADD TO YOUR CART.  If you forget you can always place your personalisation needs on checkout in the box where shipping instructions are to be placed.

STEP 3: To view YOUR CART:  Your cart is found on the right hand side of your screen at the top of the page. Simply click on the cart symbol to view what you have placed in your cart.  This can be done at any time while you are browsing the web shop.

STEP 4 - Review your Order - When you have added all the items you want to purchase, click the CHECK OUT 
link on the Shopping Cart menu.  Then go to the top of the page where you will find a shopping cart picture.  Press here at anytime to view your cart and make any changes. 

We offer you the chance to alter the items in your shopping cart. For each item in your cart you can either select the 'Remove' checkbox to remove the item from your shopping cart or change the quantity you wish to purchase. Make as many changes as you like and click the 'UPDATE BUTTON". When you are satisfied with your order CHOOSE YOUR SHIPPING OPTION.  Then enter your postcode and tick the little circle next to whatever you choose to continue with your order. Once this is done click check out to proceed with your order and to the next page. 

STEP  5 - Checkout - This is a chance for you to specify where your order is sent, how you wish to pay and any notes or instructions associated with your order.  When everything is ready click the "Submit Order" button, and you're done! Your order will begin to be processed process. If there are any problems we will contact you by phone or email. 

For an estimate of delivery time please refer to the description of your products.  On average it takes 10 -14 days to process and dispatch your order with the exception of personalised orders that will need upto 4-6 weeks.  If your require your order in less time than stated please contact us directly.

STEP 6 - Your Account - When you are logged in you can go to your account and view previous orders, change you billing details shipping address. 

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