The Night Before Wedding Rehearsal Tips

14th Feb 2021

By this stage the butterflies and nerves are running at an all time high. The excitement is buzzing in the air and close family and the bridal party are all gleaming with joy and adrenalin. This pre-wedding party occasion is usually for the closest of family and bridal party with a more relaxed atmosphere. It's a time to get together and run through and practice the schedule for the wedding day.

Normally the rehearsal can last up to 45 minutes to an hour. Once everyone is comfortable with their role, dinner is usually started shortly after.

We have come up with a few ideas on how to make sure your night runs smoothly and is pleasurable...

Making sure you have invited all the required guests that are involved in any ceremony duties such as readers and child bearers. All immediate family and their spouses and the entire bridal party team. The rehearsal should start early (around say, 5 pm) allowing at least 1 hour. Then follows the rehearsal dinner celebration which normally only lasts for a few hours to allow everyone to still have a good nights sleep. 

This celebration get together can either be a quiet low key dinner, or some might prefer to set the tone for the following day. A speech is normally made from the groom and the bride  thanking everyone for attending and for their roles in their wedding celebration and looking forward to the next day.

Your wedding photographer might also be invited this evening to capture your special night. After your dinner you can follow with a celebration cake which can mark the start of the wedding celebrations to come.

It is here where the bride and groom say goodnight to their family and friends and to each other. They part ways 'till they see each other walk down the wedding isle.