Our Story - Self Love Bath Body & Candle Collection

1st Oct 2020

The inspiration behind our products is to help you find your Zen in your place of peace. Finding inner calmness at times is essential for awakening the soul. It gives us time to reflect and practice stillness.

Unfortunately we sometimes go day to day being stressed and just to busy to take time out for ourselves and live in the present moment. Sometimes what we think and speak creates our inner dialogue which contributes to our stress making it difficult to relax.

The first step to achieving true inner calmness is to let go. Is to be still and having nothing but the words in our mind to speak too. Connecting with the mind and body. Listening to the silence in the room. 

Calmness nourishes the soul and gives it fuel to continue living a healthy life within.

Our products will help you do this by being able to enjoy the warm glow of our fragrant candles while soaking away your stress with our delightful bath and body products. A lovely way to relax the mind and reinvigorate the body. Which is vital to create happiness within.

All our collection of bath, body and candles are made locally in Brisbane and poured with 100% plant based soy wax, organic butters, dead sea salt and essential oils. 

Our salts  are GMO free, contain no fillers or gluten, nut free, paraben and sulphate free. Not tested on animals. Infused with 100 % natural essential oils.

Made with organic and natural ingredients. 

Australian made and owned.

Our new designs Include:

❤️ Soy wax candles❤️ Body butter ❤️ Bath salts❤️ Milk bath soak & Bath tea 

Body Butter: Our body butters are natural, vegan, sulfate and paraben free. Shea butter is known for its softening and hydration of the skin. Cocoa butter is rich in plant compounds and is extracted from the cocoa bean.It is known for leaving the skin soft and silky. Coconut oil creates a protective barrier for the skin and keeps it supple and hydrated.

Application: Apply a small amount of cream directly to your skin. Rub until absorbed.

Expiry: It is recommend that this product be used within 3 months of the purchase date. Store away from direct sunlight in a cool, dry place up to 3 months. 

Ingredients: Organic unrefined shea butter, organic cocoa butter, organic coconut oil, organic arrowroot powder, jojoba oil and almond oil. Volume: 250g

Note: Contains nuts. External use only. Do not ingest. If any irritation occurs please discontinue use. Always read the product label carefully in case of any allergies.If contact occures with eyes rinse off immediately. Keep out of reach of children.

Bath Salts: Find your little place of peace in the bath with our rose, seagrass and lavender infused Dead Sea bath salts. Our bath salts are sourced from the Dead Sea and are known for their abundant mineral composition. Soothes body aches and helps to de-stress. Dead Sea salt is GMO free, no fillers, gluten and nut free. Not tested on animals.

Ingredients: Dead Sea salt, fragrance, Rosa Centifolia (rosebuds and petals). Made with organic and natural ingredients. Volume 250g

Directions: Add 2 - 3 tablespoons to your warm bath. The salts will continue to dissolve creating a relaxing environment.

Expiry: Store in a cool, dry place up to 3 months. NOTE: Avoid water getting in contact with the bath salt container. Remove all botanical's before draining your bath. Always clean tub after use as fragrance oils may cause slippery surface. Do not ingest. If any irritation occurs please discontinue use. Always read the product label carefully in case of any allergies. If contact occures with eyes rinse off immediately. Keep out of reach of children.

SelfLove Candle Collection: Our new Self Love Candle Collection is made with love and to inspire you to take time to selfcare. Relax and enjoy the warm glow and tranquility of your luscious fragrant candle in either your home, office or travels.

Product Details: All our candles are locally made in Brisbane. Poured with 100% soy wax for an eco - friendly clean burn. Soy wax - plant based. Cotton wick - lead and zinc free. Fragrance oil - phthalate free. All our fragrances are made to IFRA standards. Burn time - 40 hrs

Candle Fragrance Oil Description: 

Champagne & Strawberries: A seductive blend of effervescent Champagne with a delicious combination of strawberry, roses and raspberries.

Sweet Lemongrass: An invigorating lemon lime citrus aroma that envelops and stimulates the senses, creating a vibrantly refreshing fragrance.

Vanilla & Cocoa Beans: Vanilla and cocoa with orange and the warmth of whisky to round out the base. The spice of cinnamon and vanilla  create a perfect fragrance and give the best possible ambiance.

Rose: A beautiful contemporary rendition of rose. It's Crisp with the delicate scent of sweet rose and a hint of violet. 

Lotus Blossom: A delightful Far-East blend of luscious lotus petals and ancient spices. 

Lime Basil & Mandarin: Peppery basil  combined with a twist of lime - the scent of a Caribbean breeze.

White Peony: A pretty light fragrance with top notes of orange blossom, underpinned with jasmine. 

Candle Care & Safety: Candle holders should always be placed on a stable and heat resistant surface. keep your Self Love candle away from drafts,curtains and ceiling fans. Never leave your candle burning while unattended. Always extinguish your candle when leaving the room and especially before going to bed. Always keep lit candle away from any flammable material.