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Bomboniere Gumball Machine

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 This new classic bomboniere gumball machine is a whole new level of charm!
Easily compliment  your stylish wedding theme by filling with small candies in your choice of colour. 
The top  screws off for  replacement of  other fun and colourful candies.

50 grams of  White Dubble Bubble  gum brand  is included in the black and pink machine only.

 Dubble Bubble Gum is Made in Canada

Gumball machine is made of  hard plastic.

PRICE: $5.20 each empty white or red gumball machine


$6.99 - Black gumball machine
( includes gumballs )

$6.99 - Pink gumball machine  
 ( includes gumballs)

$6.99 - Blue gumball machine
( includes gumballs )

$6.99 - Red gumball machine
(includes gumballs)

BOMBONIERE SIZE:12.7 cm H, holds 50 grams

NOTE: White and Red gumball machine does not come with candies

Gumballs are approximately 1/4", machines come with approximately 20-30 gumballs that are in a plastic bag inside the dispenser.
Bomboniere Gumball Machine
Bomboniere Gumball MachineBomboniere Gumball MachineBomboniere Gumball MachineBomboniere Gumball Machine
Bomboniere Gumball MachineBomboniere Gumball MachineBomboniere Gumball Machine

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